Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kind of pink sand dunes

(June 16)
When we did our last major road trip to the States in 2010, one of our most memorable stops was White Sands National Monument in New Mexico where we went sand-sledding. Jaxon still talks about the time Gerry and Muppet slid down the dunes in the sled together, wiped up royally, and ended up with sand in both their mouths (especially poor Muppet).

So when we heard you could go sand sledding in Utah at Corral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, we were ecstatic and added it to our must-see list. Unfortunately, the sand dunes, while kind of pink and cool, weren’t nearly as impressive. Also, our sleds kind of sucked. We got a few good runs in, but it wasn’t nearly as awesome as we hoped. The sand was incredibly soft though, and we quickly abandoned our sandals and walked barefoot up and over the dunes in the desert.

The campsite, right in the state park, was large and gorgeous, with a fabulous view of red rock mountains in the distance, and the dunes in front. And in the evening, Aiden chopped the firewood for his first time, Jaxon built the fire, and we roasted marshmallows. Any day that ends around a campfire is pretty spectacular in my view.

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