Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yeah, we're not paying that

Glenwood Springs was recommended to us as a good stop to enjoy some hot springs and take a break. The hot springs were great, and it was a nice break, but for a bit, we weren’t sure we were meant to stop there.

·         The woman at the visitor’s information centre didn’t have any information on campgrounds in the area. “Yeah, I don’t know anything about that.”

·         We went back to a campground we’d seen as we were driving into town, only to get a bad feeling and be reminded of what we affectionately call the “Deliverance” campsite from our previous trip—minus the stunning views.

·         The GPS led us 22 minutes outside of town and up a mountain to the supposed location of another campground. When “our destination” was on our right, all we saw was a cliff.

·         We backtracked another 20 minutes to a campground that offered a spot right on the Colorado River—for the not-so-low price of $65+$5/child+$5 for the dog+someothercrazyfee. No thanks.

Finally, at 4:00, by backtracking yet again, we managed to snag the last site at a charming campground, for the much more reasonable price of $30, with full hookups.

Undeterred, after securing our campsite for the night, we headed back out, made a stop for slurpees, then went to the hot springs.

And the hot spring were impressive, being the largest hot spring in the world and all. We soaked up the warmth, went down  a few waterslide rides, had supper (spaghetti in the motorhome, because, as we found out at 6:15, the concession stand closed at 6:00. Ah well, spaghetti was awesome), then soaked some more.

Certainly not the way we planned the day, but a good day nevertheless.


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