Thursday, June 4, 2015

The next big adventure

In 2010, Gerry, Jaxon, Muppet and I went on an incredible, five-week trip in our camper van. It was awesome.

Not an exact replica.
So awesome, that for the past five years, we’ve been trying to figure out how to do it again and see areas we didn’t get to see the first time around.

And so, we traded in our camper van for a larger motorhome, closed our eyes, crossed our fingers, sprinkled fairy dust, and somehow, the stars magically aligned. I’m totally ecstatic to be leaving Saturday for another five-week adventure, this time to Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming.

And, because things are more fun when you share them with friends, we’re bringing along one of Jaxon’s oldest buddies, Aiden. I anticipate a lot of Minecraft talk.

Here’s hoping this trip once again brings stories of cauliflowers, white-out blizzards, and Deliverance-style campgrounds. Or not.

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