Sunday, June 28, 2015

More adventure in Moab

Moab was full of rugged young guys and women who seemed to always be on the lookout for the next big adventure—rappelling down into a deeper canyon, climbing a higher arch, biking a narrower trail, or riding a bigger current. I spent most of the time feeling like I wasn’t quite bold enough to be there, but wishing I was.

Our campsite was gorgeous. It had a swimming pond—not pool—in a picturesque setting, shaded by trees, and with a canoe that the boys (ahem…Gerry) managed to flip a couple of times.

On the semi-adventurous side, we did do a river rafting tour. Well, it was more of a river floating tour, with a few rapids thrown in for good measure. Just to add some excitement, one of our tour group members went for a swim a little too far from the boat, ended up riding the waves with his lifejacket, and had to be thrown a rescue rope and pulled in, where our guide gave him a tongue-lashing about “putting the entire boat at risk.”

Overall, it was a really relaxing, pleasant day, with a stop for a picnic lunch on a beach part way through.

Later that night, we went for a jet boat sunset tour. Our guide was hilarious, and, with no other boats on the water, we felt like we had the entire river to ourselves. We even saw a beaver (“Justin Beaver” our guide told us. See? Haha.) As part of the tour, we finished off with a cowboy buffet back on land, with barbecued pork, beef, chicken, and all the fixin’s, including cheesy potatoes. Yum.

So maybe I didn’t earn my Adventure Woman cape this time. That’s OK.



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