Saturday, June 20, 2015

Theatre under the stars: desert edition

Every summer, Gerry, Jaxon and I got to a musical at Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park. It’s become one of our favourite summer traditions, something we look forward to every year. When I learned there is a similar theatre in the middle of the desert near Zion, and it was showing a Disney production called “When You Wish,” we jumped at the chance to go.

The amphitheatre is built at the base of a red rock mountain, with the back of the stage open to use the rocks as part of the stage. It’s in the middle of the desert outside of the city, with very little fanfare—there are no giant billboards advertising the shows, and no

The show was a collection of songs from favourite Disney movies over the years, with choreography, special effects, and costumes—all done to Disney’s usual exceptionally high standards.

In one scene, actual horses galloped across the back of the stage through the rock. In another, a waterfall built to look like part of the mountain burst, releasing a flood of water onto the stage, setting the scene for Pocohontas to ride her canoe across the stage. In still another, a curtain of rain (with real water) poured down as giant fish swam behind in and mermaids glided across the water for “Under the Sea.” There was a flying carpet, Mary Poppins descended from the sky, and a shooting star and fireworks closed out the show.

Absolutely amazing. Totally worth going to.

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